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In 21st century partspeak, “over-the-counter” takes on a whole new meaning. The term once referred to the way most customers shopped for parts. Typically, that was by ordering and receiving them from a clerk/salesperson working behind an actual counter (complete with a cash register), in a real block-and-mortar parts store. But today, that counter and the whole rest of the speed shop have been virtually renovated as your basic keyboard and video display.

As straightforward as that might sound, today’s wired world makes it more important than ever to understand that parts shopping is NOT speed shopping. Parts needs and speed needs are two very different requirements. Parts are what you buy to fix a Honda or a Buick. Speed, real speed, hardcore speed, requires considerable hardware selection and ordering savvy.

Too many of us involved with performance machines and racing have dealt with the mail order parts giants. We’ve become familiar with how that business works. First you give an order-taker a part number that’s listed in one of the limited product catalogs that that supplier handles. Then you provide your billing and shipping info, and the parts are on the way. Right or wrong for your application, the parts are trucked to your door.

Other parts shopping options--auction websites and online message boards--often leave the customer buying blind. And the old standby swap meets and race paper classifieds have been reduced to the slimmest of pickings. So you’re likely left asking yourself, where does the serious parts shopper turn? What option is a hardcore parts buyer left with?

Our answer? RPG!

At RPG, we specialize in what’s called the “Science of Combinations©.” Our decades of experience in performance parts and long standing relationships with specialty vendors, service, and motorsports industry experts have given us the go-fast know-how to help you get to where you need to go, quickly. Just tell us what your goal is, what your budget adds up to, and let RPG compile a specific car and/or motor package that fit your specific needs. Or if you’re already on track, RPG can suggest improvements, upgrades and direction. Go ahead and dream a little. What-ifs are a specialty. RPG is ready to help you refine your ride into a practical and dependable combination, prepped and pre-sorted to achieve your goals, all at competitive prices.

Whether you’re searching for the right hardware or software for your racer, streeter, watercraft or hobbycar, RPG knows how to put the correct parts in our customers’ hands where they’ll do the most good. And if Racing Parts Guy can't offer you the best price, selection and service on the performance parts that you really need, we'll refer you to our competitors. That’s because RPG wants you, the 21st century parts shopper, to always come out ahead.

So next time you’re shopping for high-performance parts, call us at (985)-580-2399 and let us help put you in front of your competition.